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Crazy Exciting

SKU: KM13177
Case Count: 12/1
Shots: 20

 A Real Classic!! Red, Green, White and Crackling mine to Red, Green, White and blue bouquet.

This is one of the BEST cakes in the 200 Gram class. The effects used fill 2 different levels of the sky at the same time. Every shot first has a colorful "MINE EFFECT" shooting upwards (mine shots effect first start inside the tube shooting upward) it looks much like a upside down Christmas tree effect. The second part of the shell is more of a typical shot of a ball that shoots up higher than the mine effect, and then bursts. This effect covers 2 different levels of the sky, a lower mine effect, and a burst charge higher in the air using a larger color break.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by ciderpresspyro , 07/31/2012

Great 200 gram cake that will keep you picking this one out time after time and it gets better with the 500 gram cake they have.

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