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5 Minute Safari

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This fountain last for a whole 5 minutes with the following effects repeated twice:
Snow Pine / Purple Pearls / Purple Spring / Red Plum Red Pearls / Green Spring / Silver Crackle / Red Pearls / Lemon Gold Chrysanthemum / Green Pearls / Gold Spring / Green Plum Silver Chrysanthemum / Blue Pearls / Silver Rain / Gold Crackle / Blue Pearls Green Pearls / Red Spring / Titanium Crackle / Red Pearls / Green Pearls Spike Flowers / Orange Pearls / Orange Spring / Crackling / Orange Pearls / Purple Pearls. Wow!!

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Amy R, 07/10/2018

Great effects on this fountain. It also had some difficulty transitioning between stages and we thought it was done a few times before it started up again. Lot's of neat effects. Will put on the re-buy list for next year.

Reviewed by Don P, 06/06/2018

I'm definitely gonna buy this foutain again it's cool deff worth the money. And it does last five minutes

Reviewed by Kim , 05/12/2018

This product was a complete show for 5 whole minutes, great buy......

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